Thursday, March 29, 2007

Praise the Lord! He asked and did it!

Oh Lord! THank you! Hallelujah!
Ryan did it! This morning, after woke up, i let him pee and took off the night diaper..and he didn't ask to wear his training pants...and i didn't say he didn't wear his training pant at all..
around 9 plus in the morning, he asked me to bring him to pee! Oh my gosh...i thot he peeed on his pants already..but no was dry..
he did it..all day long he didn't wear his training pant..except during his nap time only..

The juicy part is..he even tell me that he wants to poop...YA BABY! I am seeing light here !
U r doing great my boy..mommy very proud of u!
I know u r good...
oh words can explain how excited and happy i am today eh :)

Guess what MIL said ...hah!

Me: Ryan knows how to pee liao...he asked for it
MIL: ohh? Good la..don't say it out loud... and don't talk abt it..later he hears it..he won't do it anymore..


*got such a thing meh?*



mama bok said...

Woohoo..!! congrats..!! Ryan so clever lah..!! cleverer than my chloe..! chloe still donch wanna poop in the potty..!! And nope.. we ain't forcing her.. just letting her take her time.
Donch worry about your MIL lah..!! old ppl got alot of superstition.. just laugh alot lor.. ;)

Joez said...

yr MIL banyak 'san poh' ! Haha.
Congrats to Ryan, big boy liao.
Patience pays off sis. Happy for u all. Praise the Lord.

P/S : sometimes too much pushing, kids will do just the opposite, so it's good to 'ignore' once a while and let them learn at their own pace. Well...speaking from experience, ur sis me...rebellious type also ma...hahaha, Cheers.

Anna Kee said...

congrats on succesfully potty training your boy. wow, can't wait to be my boy's turn. sure can save some money on the diapers.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok:Ai yoh..u r very kind.. I am sure Chloe is very smart too...all kids are different..What u r doing is right... :) She will eventually do it :)
Just that my "out-laws" forcing it very bad... until i also beh tahan...if i am Ryan..i go bang my head on the wall liao.. They are crazy! that's all i can say! hehehehe

Sis: yea lor..Praise The Lord..thanks for all your prayers..ya...i can see some light here liao.... what u said is true..Ryan is the type that doesn't like being push.."sek yuen em sek ngan"

AnnaKee: Thanks for dropping by :)
I am sure ur boy will fully trained soon...and oh yeaaaaaaa! talking bout the diapers darn alot man:)

G said...

gene: congrats! well done, ryan!! i think he knows mommy needs to study and go to work :D Such a good boy. Gene, now can relek a bit edi lah? Yr MIL and my MIL same one - always looking at the negative side of things :P

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks dear..finally eh..imagine how much i can save on the diapers ;)
Yea..i can relek abit liao...
I thought ur MIL westernised come still have those old traditional thinking...:(
Lucky thing u r far from her..hehehe that's a good thing eh..can never have 2 women in one house..too difficult.

G said...

gene ... no lah my MIL is very the "ku lou sap pat toi"!!! and seperti katak di bawah tempurung. Nx time i free i tell u more, kekeke.

Gene Lim said...

G: i wish we are that we can "pat" on our MIL...hahahahaha