Friday, March 02, 2007

What a birthday!

Turning thirty two does not bring a good start for Kit at all. Yesterday was Kit's birthday and we had everything planned out. We were supposed to have KFC family meal (my treat)...and FIL already bought a Black Forest cake from asian store downtown..and even some candles too. I even taught Ryan how to wish and sing his daddy Happy Birthday.

It did not end up good at all...when the snow storm started around noon time yesterday. We had pretty bad weather yesterday again...started with heavy snow non-stop couple with strong gusty wind..then around 2 pm Kit called home asking how was the situation in Hamilton...i told him it was snowing heavily and he told me that his boss told him that if he wanted to go home ..he can do so... I was soo excited when he told me that he could come home early .... (i guess not)

Around 3 pm..Kit called n told me his car slided and went into a ditch.. :( The worst part was he was at the middle of nowhere in Campbleville...not even one soul..except some truck pass by...So i was soo scared and worried and asked him to call CAA or go ask for help..n i dun want to talk long on the phone..coz he needed the cell phone.
I was praying hard...and MIL worried too..kept telling me to call so and soo...walau..made me even more worried...i couldn't think at all...
THank GOD..i calmed myself down..and start to surf around looking for tow services...
after abt 20 minutes i gave Kit a call again..he told me there was a truck pass by and gave a ride to a nearest CAA ...phewwwwwwwwwww... PRAISE THE LORD!

To make the story short... Kit ended up staying over at SIL's place and left his car at CAA garage...coz his radiator broke..and will cost him abt 400 bucks to fix it...woah! we dun have such money to pay decided to to leave the car there first and called a taxi to SIL's place..and today...FIL and myself went to buy a new radiator..cost abt 198 bucks... and FIL and Kit are fixing it rite now at SIL's garage (This morning kit and Sil's hubby went to tow the car back from yesterday's CAA's garage- cost kit another 30 bucks..)

SO turning 32 has cost KIT about : tow the car out from ditch $100
: drove the car from the ditch to CAA's garage $50
: check the car..found our the radiator broke..$ 50
: taxi $35
: tow car from CAA's garage to SIL's place $22
: new radiator $225 (included taxes)

so... chit ching! there goes our income tax return money...out and go..hahahaha..

I am not complaining here..I am soo glad that KIT is safe! God really answered my prayers yesterday! I am very thankful! :)


mama bok said...

Oh..boy..! what a bummer..!! nevermind.. after this unlucky day.. the rest of the year will be good for Kit and you.. :)
Happy belated birthday to Kit.. and many, many happy returns.. for the rest of the year.. ;) and lots of promotion.. good luck.. lottery money.. and good health to him.. and his.. :)

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Yea lor mamabok...hopefully the rest of the year be good la...thank you for all your sweet wishes :) if we strike lottery..we go visit u and we go jalan jalan and eat all asian food ..okie? :)

G said...

Oh no, as if you're not stressed enough already but Praise God, Kit was alright! Such a dramatic & expensive bday!! Poor Kit. The car repair cost hurts. But let's forget abt the unfortunate things. Best thing is Kit made it back safely in one piece and there'll be many more happy bdays to celebrate together in future!