Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ryan 's coversation

Ryan has grown soo much and i have been busy to post his update. The following are his daily conversation with us:

This happened in Ikea long time ago..i dun even remember the date. As u all know that Ikea do sell frozen yogurt for CND$0.75 ..after we have paid for the stuff we bought from Ikea..we had some yogurt at the cafe b4 we check out.
Ryan loves the yogurt! not only kids eh..this big mama loves it too..hahahaa
Anyway..this is what happened after i bought the yogurt..

Kit: Yau Zhen, daddy wai nei shek, hou mou? (Yau Zhen (RYan's chinese name), daddy feed you, ok or not?)

Ryan: Baby wai (Baby feed : he likes to call himself baby)

Kit: Moi la...cheen kan nei sheek dou yucky yucky....(dun want la, later u ate till ur clothes got dirty)

Both Daddy and son struggle to hold the yogurt ..till Ryan got upset.

Ryan ran over in the middle of aisle in IKEA and standing back facing us and said

RYAN : Baby lau ar! (baby angry ar!) *he even showed his face angrily eh....


yup..he learned from us as in getting angry..coz everytime when we asked Ryan to do something..he refuses and we said..mommy lau ar..daddy lau ar..mahmah lau ..yeh yeh lau ar..

This is another conversation...

Mommy: Baby mou pah kou kou ar..cheen kan nei teet tou ..awe em chi ar (baby, don't climb high high, later u fell , i dunno eh )

Ryan: Yau Zhen em hai baby eh...Yau Zhen boy arr!

MOMMY: ???!!

Mommy : Yau Zhen, wan sheet sheet mou? (Ryan, do u want to go play snow?)

Ryan: Tong tong ar! Peng peng ar...dai doctor ar (cold cold ar, sick sick ar , see doctor)

Mommy: CHeok dor di sum la...kam yat em tong ar...(bundle up and today is not that cold)

Ryan: Tong tong ar...dai fong ar...baby ook kei ar (cold cold ar...windy ar...baby stay inside house)

Mommy : Okie..mommy chuk hey wan shuet ..baby heong ok kei ..okie? (okie, mommy go outside play snow and baby stay inside house, okie?)

Ryan: Baby wan shuet ar...(fussing and said baby go play snow)

Ryan loves to play the good side or role..or what we call...playing opposite... whenever ...i let play snow or play water in the bath tub..he will act soo good and said..that is too cold..like copy what i told him b4!

Kek sei awe ar ..khi see wa ar (*slap my head*)

Ryan loves his daddy very much..every morning he has to get up and say bye bye ...hug hug kiss kiss..his daddy b4 daddy can leave the house...
and mummy here..chia lat...dun really wanna get up around 6 am eh... ai yo...
but my lil king sure know the time...is like an alarm clock build inside him...

Daddy: Yau Zhen ..kuai kuai ar..daddy you fun kong ar..wan cheen wan cheen ar..(Ryan be good ar, daddy has to go to work and earn money)

Ryan : Fussing and cried a little bit

Daddy: Daddy you fun kong, wan cheen cheen..mai choo choo pei Yau Zhen (daddy has to go to work to earn money to buy baby choo choo (thomas and friends train))

Ryan : Gives daddy huggies and kisses..

After seeing daddy off..and Ryan said this:

Ryan: Dadddy fun kong ...cheen mai choo choo (daddy goes to work...money buy chooo chooo (thomas and friends train)


mama bok said...

Ryan is so smart. ;) children do say things to surprise us eh..??
and they are so cute. ;)

G said...

Aiyoh so cute ah the conversations! he's really growing up smart!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: thanks :) i know...nowadays really beh tahan him eh..

G: thank you thank you...at times..he really khek si awe..and i cannot say a thing..coz what he said make sense too...that's the worst part! ehhehe