Tuesday, March 27, 2007

need to check all the time

I have to ask Ryan several times a day that whether he wants to poop or not..if he does..tell mommy....
then i will bring him to the toilet bowl with his own toilet seat thingy..

So far.. he still wont tell me when he poop...always i have to check on him..
sometimes..he already poop halfway in the training pant...then i have to carry him over to the toilet bowl for him to sit..n finish it off his big business..

Is getting better now..i really hope he will be fully trained by next year!

As for pee pee...still..need to remind him all the time..he doesn't know how to tell u that he wants to pee..

i have to be patient... sabar....is the key of success..in training him...

PIL blame me for not training him since baby... n of course..MIL will give me the look again...
actually i am used to it all liao..
no comment on what they are doing to me rite now..dun wish to comment at all..
Let it be..as long as ..my Ryan, Kit and myself are happy, healthy and things going our way..
i am very happy! that's my main concern..the rest.. i dun care!


Mama BoK said...

No worries lah..Ryan will get there .. when he gets there.
Chloe still not pooping in the toilet.. but peeing no problem .. know how to tell when she wants to pee. But nite time not trained yet.. but i'm sure everything will come in time. Lucky for me.. hor.. no one tells me.. or blame me for her late training.. ! otherwise.. i will bitch slap them.. kakakkakakaka!!

G said...

sounds like he's getting there, Gene. Ryan is so smart, he'll learn to tell u very soon. I agree with u in turning a blind eye/deaf ears on the old folks blaming & negative attitude. I hv to salute u Gene for respecting them. I talked back sternly to my MIL on many occasions *LOL* But I am like u, "I dun care!"

Zara's Mama said...

Each kid is different.. If only our PILs know that.

My MIL also always said I didn't train Zara since young.. until 2 yrs old still poo-ing in diaper..

Now she's fully toilet trained but no praises from her..

Like that lar.. life.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Yea lor..u r very lucky eh...coz u are blessed with such darling in-laws! Me soo envy eh.. hehehehe and happy for u too :))
I know in my heart..RYan will eventually know how to pee and poop in the toilet :)

G: THanks..u r too kind :) I really hope he will learn how soon! U know.. i did talked back to them..but what happened was it cause war...so..is useless..they can't change anymore... If i can tahan and sabar..i will..Coz in that way..i will be the bigger and better person. I have learned my lesson liao...is useless to argue with them... they are "old school"
:) i just hope that i won't be like them in the future to my daughter in law coz i myself also a daughter in law b4! :)

Zara's mama: yea lor..if whatever bad stuff that ryan did, they will blame me...all came from me..and good stuff..never praise or encourage..
Zara is very very smart gal eh..u did great job here dear.. :)
I am sure Zaria will be another smart and good gal :)