Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i am all set!

The interview went alrite...but it was not the job that i expected...doing admin job. Oh well, they said they will call me by the end of this week if i am the rite candidate.
I am like err...if they hire me..okie..not the job that i wanted..but no harm trying..least can get some income coming in b4 i starts school...if not..it will be great for me..coz i can finish off my high school diploma without any delay and have more time with Ryan b4 i starts schoool.
As for the financial part, i am trying to apply for the government loan as well as some college bursaries and grants..if i am eligible.
will see how it goes..

I have called up some driving schools...and got one who provide hourly basis driving lessons..with a not bad deal..so..will start driving this Saturday...
I have registered my CPR course yesterday..which will start April 15.
So, i am all set now..
butttttt..still i am very worried..i worried things does not go my way or going rite...i worrie a lot of stuff here..

Honestly, i am a big worrier..i worried a lot..and worried everything. I cannot calm myself down..in fact..i worried since morning already..
till now..my head is pounding... i stress out now...of what? i dunno! that's the thing..
I scared, i am not in the rite path... i am not doing the rite thing..

Guess what happened during weekend? MIL got offer a job ...that allows her to work daily for 5 days a week and pay more than current job. Current job is not stable..if they need her..they will call her to work..sometimes..work for 3 days/week.
She is soo tempted to grab that offer..but fearing by Sept..she might have to stop as she promise me to take care of Ryan..
sooo...during Weekend... she hinted us alot of times..that she prefer working than taking care of Ryan..
there she goes...we might have to look for day care for Ryan...is not a problem..but is going to be very tough for us...financially and physically..
Seriously, i dunno what she wants from us....
i really dunno eh....if she is not working ..when she stays home that time..she always give me the look!
the look of unhappiness... kinda treat me as a punching bag...that i cause her to stay home.

So, i am kinda having this feeling..that she might give us problems when i start school.

NOw..tell me...do i have millions of reason to get worry and stress out here?

I really dunno here... i am doomed! i am speechless...!


Mama BoK said...

Very hard lah.. to depend on anyone.. ! best to think of daycare/child care for Ryan. Btw.. if you donch know.. if you are in school.. the government subsidize child care for your child. Check out .. with your school.. or your nursing school.. they have all the facilities. In canada.. there are lots of facilities.. and stuff that benefits.. the canadian.. be it childcare.. or anything. If you are upgrading yourself.. the government will try their best to help you. Everyone works the system here.. so why shouldn't you ..??
You will be very surprised what they can offer you .. when it comes in terms of childcare subsidy.. and loans.. and stuff. Speak to as many ppl as possible. But be prepared with a sob story.. must tell them NO one to help you with childcare.. !!

G said...

wow so much going on for u, u surely hv ur hands so full! Gene, u are still young, dont worry abt whether it's gonna be right or wrong or u'll never get around to doing it. If one falls down, so what? just get up and walk again! No pain, no gain! It's great to try and go with the flow while u're still young and hv the energy. Time flies, 10 years u'll look back and u'll be glad u went thru all the hardwork to get urself a good career! With a toddler it's gonna be tough but I am sure u'll find a way. I'm sorry abt ur MIL's attitude. Like MB said, best not to depend on anyone especially the old folks if you could help it. U can do it, Gene!!! *Huggies*

Zara's Mama said...

I just hope things will work out..

Your MIL.. aigh.. I don't know what to say.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Hey Jan, yea..i know is tough when u have to depend on somebody. Yea, there is this child care bursaries kinda thing..but u have to have more than 3 children or at least 3, then they will cover the child care. As for the subsidies, they will look on the income status again.. Kit's income is not very much..but unfortunately over the eligible level liao..so really die lor..but..i am very determined there will be a way..I know God will look after us..i have Faith in him...He will provide me! i just have to be patient and keep looking for opportunities :)
THank you soo much for your support! Really needs it eh! :)

G: hey G, yea ..u r rite..we just have to get up and start over again..i agree with u....but me..hehehe..i guess i am afraid to fall..hahah..everyone does.. Thank you soo very much for the support!! really needed it badly eh... Mmmmmmuaks! :)

Zara's mama: Thanks dear..i hope so..well, i guess... old fashion MIL are like that..dunno why..they are afraid of their position being taken away.. i just hope i won't be this type of MIL in the future! :)