Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We had steamboat yesterday nite...PIL came back from Mississauga with tons of goodies from the asian store overthere... my fridge is soo full!
I miss steamboat back home in Penang..we usually have it every reunion dinner... but overhere..the Loo's family only have it when someone's birthday or get together..soo much different from my family back in Penang.

Steamboat here is soo different...they dun have a variety of balls...like fish balls, meat balls, sotong balls, ...and the meat balls here doesn't really taste good.

Steamboat here practically followed the hong kong style, they have their very own sarcha sauce...where u mix with one raw egg, hoisin sauce and siracha chili sauce....at first , i felt not very comfy with the raw egg in it..but now... "boh hue..hare pung hoo" meaning no fish, prawn also will do la... some hokkien saying ..no complain so much...be thankful..something like that..coz i can't demand so much eh...limited resources here eh..

I better dun complain soo much..especially i get to eat some chili sauce...if not Mamabok will knock my head eh..kekekeke

Anyway, it was a quite dinner yet simple and nice.. :)

MIL back to work today... so today i have to cook...lazy to study ..FIL is babysitting RYan..

He is soo attach to his grandpa whenever daddy is not around..kekekeke..like i said..mommy's role here is to discipline him..coz RYan has 3 ppl to spoil him..
so i cannot afford to spoil him anymore..someone has to take up the dirty job here..
what to do..
I am sure..he will thank me later when he grew up :)
As for now... he will think mummy is no fun at all ha!


mama bok said...

Ohhh.. i so missed Steamboat.. :(
Mummies gotta do what they gotta do.. ;) and i'm sure Ryan will thank you .. when he is older.. ;) he will realised that no one loves him more than mummy.. ;)

G said...

sounds yummy, lau hau sui loh! may i ask what did u all use for the steamboat? I mean rice cooker, electric wok or the real steamboat thing? ryan will sure sayang mommy one, it's just a growing up phase being attached to daddy

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: YEa i know what u mean...hey actually u can have steamboat eh..umm i dunno whether u guys have the portable gas range..where u can buy those 1 can of gas n use any kind of pot..and there u go..u can have steamboat :)

G: hehehe...mou lau hau sui... umm we bought the portable gas range..small one...and the gas..they do sell in cans..like the size of hairspray ..