Thursday, March 08, 2007


If i can scream it as loud as i can... I WILLL!

The frustration has increase more and more.... the waiting time is killing me!

Check the college website for the news yesterday nite...something appear differently...
under the offer status stated *FINAL OFFER* and under the due date of stated MAY 1st 2007

what does that mean? I was jumping freakingly happy yesterday nite..thought tht they have accepted me...
but the word FINAL OFFER gives me some eerie thoughts...telling me that's not the answer!
I called the lady..the admission officer...she told me..the same thing she told me last week..
they haven't make the decision yet! call next week!
OH gosh!
Next week on the 13th the college information nite...all applicants are encourage to go..

NOw.. i am still not sure i am accepted or not...FOR Crying out loud!!!!

now u can understand why i dare to pose the my pic up huh? when u r stress out..i dare to do anything..hahaahahha..
they are driving me nuts!

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