Monday, December 11, 2006

12 December (tomorrow)

YUp ...PIL are coming back tomorrow ..... hmmmm...i am not really very exicited abt it... frankly, i am kinda sad... i know things will be very different when they come back.
Sigh...oh please God... help me! Touch her heart... pretty pls... n mine too...Guide me through this challenge... i need strength to face them. All i need and pray for is peace, harmony and love in this family!

I know i need her to take care of Ryan for me when i go to school.. but..there are issues between me and my mil. Or should i say she has issues with me rather. I know she doesn;t like me at all. Tried very hard to be somebody's DIL... Sugar! i tell hard to please someone who doesn't really like u at all!

I know i will be stronger and smarter if i can get through this challenge/battle/situation.... i need all the strength and patience in the world!


mama bok said...

Will be very different.. but think only positives.. and gotta talk to your hubby before they come back.. to lay some basic ground rules down.. so that whatever happens.. he will support you . .emotionally.. :) Everything will be alright.. Gene..! you just treat them good.. and they will change their mind.. in the near future.

Gene Lim said...

MB: I know..thats why lor...hmmm tried to talk to kit liao..but i guess he is more like mama's boy eh... is hard ler... i hope so!

letti said...

awww poor girl. I'm so sorry you're so stressed over MIL's visit. *huggies*

Gene Lim said...

Letti: thanks dear... needed huggies badly ;)

G said...

*hugs* poor girl but u'll get thru it coz u're a smart and kind hearted person. hope ur PIL realize what a great DIL they hv and that they'd change their attitude. i can relate to u gene, my MIL (FIL is ok) is one of the most ridiculous person (loves to bitch abt others and compare what others have) I've ever met ... even my hubby cannot stand her.

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks for the huggies...i hope soo..i really do.. my FIL is okie just that MIL brainwash him lor..i guess we are really in the same boat here..
just have to be strong and pray hard :)