Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Green Xmas

No snow for this year's xmas.... pretty much dry one eh... i am not sure this is good news or bad news..but definitely good one for me..coz it won't be so cold and wet lor..hehehehe

We spend our xmas at Kit's sis place in Mississaua....infact, i am writing this post from my sil's computer...we have stayed overnite for the last 2 days liao...
Our xmas eve was pretty good...i have cooked lamb curry and sil made viatnamese spring roll and chinese herb soup. Preety much chinese style of xmas dinner..kekekek
Xmas we had turkey at Kit's cousin place in Bayview. It was great..Kit's cousin is a great cook! we had turkey, chinese spring roll, roast beef, fried noodle, salad, bean salad...
the best part is ..she made all those dishes herself! I really salute her eh! actually she can open up a restaurant! :)

Today, boxing day, kit got up early with his younger bro, Hol, to staples and loblaws to get somethign they want. I have stayed home coz Ryan was still snoozing away. After around 10 plus..Kit got back and had his bfast and out we go again to Walmart. It was a total disappointment...coz we didn't get anything that really cheap.
Good news in away la..coz save money lor :)

Ryan is having a blast coz he loves his uncle so much that he totally forgot abt us. Poor Hol coz he was soo drained from playing with Ryan.
Of course both of us, kit and i are having a great time of baby free! hahahah...

I hope everyone had a great xmas and enjoying their holidays!

Happy New Year everyone !


mama bok said...

No snow here too.. but rain. But not as cold.. so it was really good for us too.. save alot on heat... :)
We didn't have so much fun as you did.. because we had to open the store. Have a happy new year ..!

G said...

I guess its a good change to hv a warmer christmas for u :D sounds like u sure had a blast during xmas, so many own family members there :) happy NY to u too!

Joez said...

Sis, glad u have some time off :)
Happy New Year. I'll be busy busy busy la...talk to u next year ;)
Love U !

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: Happy New Year to u and your family too :)

G: hehehe..not my side lor.. All kit's relatives...i only have 1 aunt in Toronto.. ;) yup..had a great time... :) Happy New Year to u and ur family :)

Sis: hehehe take it easy eh..happy new year to u too...good luck to u! :)