Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend at Mississauga..

Last weekend we spent it at my SIL's place..coz on Saturday nite, we had to attend Kit's company Christmas dinner. It was splendid and i had a load of fun! The restaurant served Portugese cuisine..something new for me.. Food tasted not bad..but not really great ..great for me..
We started with soup..dunno what kind soup is that... then greek salad. Next was baked fish and some western rice.
The fish was good! I thought the fish was the main meal... me wallap la everything...i even skip the bread while having the soup.
Walau..after the fish, came the steak!! my goodness...i can hardly eat the steak man..i didn't eat it...
but Kit was like finish everything! coz he is crazy over steak...he was not supposed to eat beef due to his religion thingy...but..outside..he dun care ler..kekekek
then after that came the deserts...waffle with ice cream..that also i didn't take...
i was soo fulll liao... but i cannot miss one thing..
COFFEEE! hahahah i must have the coffee..gee they had the cappucino and expresso ...woah..of coz i attacked la.. ( like those suah pak kau only (like monkey just came out from the cage)) heheheh...
kit had expresso and i had cappucino lor...
so of coz both of us end up cannot sleep at nite..hahaahahah..i didn't get to sleep whole nite..so Sunday was soo tired...
Luckily FIL made malaysian kopitiam kopi o..wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again my eyes wide open after 2 cups..haahahahah ;)
man missed those kopi eh

Overall our weekend was alright... at first i thought i will not enjoy it coz have to meet the in-laws ..(they got back last tuesday dec 12 but stayed at their daughter's place..) which is good news la..kekekek
wohooooooooooooo buttttttttttttttt
guess what everyone?!
I was soo sooo touched that MIL gave me one necklace..a jade necklace...well they went to Beijing on Nov ..n she thought of me eh?
I was soo touched eh..i almost wanna give her hug..but i knew she won't like those thingy..they never like those lovey duvey stuff.
To tell u the truth...at that moment... i almost wanna cry...coz is not the value of the necklace thing that i care abt..is the thought that she had for me!
I am very very touched and surprised eh..
THANK GOD! i really hope things will really work out for us... Because..i really wanna have a mother figure with me..coz my mom passed away when i was 14 years old..soo it will be splendid if we can get along! :)


G said...

wow so glad to hear u had a good time even with ur in laws :D so sweet of ur MIL to get you the jade necklace. Let's hope this is the beginning of a good relationship.

Gene Lim said...

G: yea lor... really hope she changed for good and we can be best buddy..so instead of me complaining abt how mean she is ..i might praising her in my blog instead..who knows..kekkekeke ;)

geetha said...

So sweet of your MIL. She must be thinking of you all the time too.. Give it time, and you both will have a happy and good relationship.. with a little of give and take ;)

Gene Lim said...

Geetha: yup..very sweet of her :)
Yea...hopefully everything will be alrite between her and me :)