Sunday, December 31, 2006

Xmas pics

These pics taken on i think christmas eve...yup b4 we went to Mississauga. Excuse the mess and of course Ryan is still with his bottle! :(
I am trying so hard to wean him off..he just won't drink his milk using sippy cup or ordinary cup. :(

Of course..i have gain sooo much weight... i hoping i can go walk around the neighbourhood these days while MIL look after Ryan.
sigh.... that's why i dare not put my picture up...but what the hey...fact is nothing to hide! hehehehehe
Will be my New year resolution...loose 10 lbs b4 i start school :)
Wish me LUCK!


mama bok said...

Aiyoh..! you should see my house.. then you know.. what messy is.. kekkekekee!! Chloe is still on the bottle for milky.. and refuses to be weaned off. But all her other drinks are in her sippy cup.
Happy New Year to you and yours..!
I think you are looking great..!

G said...

Happy new year 2007 dear. What mess? I see no mess :P Ryan will sure wean off the bottle one, just a matter of time, every kid different hoh, hope u dont feel pressured :D Lovely pic of u and ryan ... both look so happy and healthy and strong bond between u, we all know that's what counts :D I also mau lose weight (20kg to shed woh tough job!! I sure fail one), anyhow, let's try lah! haha

Joez said...

Sis, thanks for sending the pix, nice X'mas tree :) U all look nice la. Don't worry abt the milk bottle, I think if not mistaken, I was still with my milk bottle till 5 yrs old la, pai seh, pai seh !

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: heheh Happy New Year to u and family too :) Is good that Chloe is willing to drink other drinks from sippy cup ;)
Ryan is the same too..only milk ..just have to have his bottle ...

G: Happy New Year to u and ur family too :) la.. ai worst eh... FIL helping us to renovate the house..we started to peel off the wall summer hopefully we can paint the house :)
Yup, sama sama add oil ha..hehehe ;) I have been putting off the baby fat too long..need to get rid of it :)

Sis: hehehe yea meh 5 years old meh? i didn't notice one keh...

letti said...

ergh.. my new year resolution is also to exercise more. so i can at least fit into my spring clothes. LOL!

Gene Lim said...

Letti: ai yo..talking abt spring... i have to loose more in order to fit into my prebaby clothings esp jeans..sigh...sama sama add oil ha..kekeke ;)