Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Change of plan...

I am supposed to pick up my result today and start applying for my course today..unfortunately, they didn't have my result yet. :(
I am not very flexible type of person here... coz once i have my plans planned ahead..i will make sure i get it done and i want it perfect.
This morning when i got to know that i couldn't pick up the result..i was very dissappointed till i dunno what to do next.
My whole day was a mess. I know i am very bad at adapting in situations...this is really bad side of me.

We are supposed to visit my previous neighbour Nelly this evening..but when i called her..she prefered that i visit her during the afternoon..so again.. another mess up plan..hahaahha
i guess today, God is teaching me a lesson to be more flexible.
Nellie told me to visit her after 1 pm.
That time it was around 11 plus am.
So.. i was soo moody abit and dunno what to do... i can't sit still..and i have to do something...
so i bake lor...hehehehe...
I bake banana walnut cake..the one i had the recipe up on the blog b4 but without the pic..this time i managed to take some pics..

everything has to change today..even the dinner plans.. i was supposed to bake some ribs tonite.but didn't get to marinade it..due to i was at Nellie's place..
i just got back not long ago..
i have to cook something easy and fast tonite..maybe some noodles ler..kekeke
tomorrow Kit has to take some sandwhich to work for lunch..heheh
infact i am having my lunch now...sighhhhhhhh... i dun like this..i dun like surprises ..i like to plan ahead!
i know sometimes we need to go along the situation..but i can't.. i just can't...
so today is pretty bad for me..but at least i get to see NELLIE..
:) and RYAN is taking his nap now..at 5.30 pm..sigh...tonite he sure cannot sleep liao.. chialattttttttt


G said...

This is funny what u wrote "RYAN is taking his nap now..at 5.30 pm..sigh...tonite he sure cannot sleep liao.. chialattttttttt" hehehhe i know how u feel, i always get scared if my Bee naps at that time too. HOpe they get ur result ready soon but we all know everything will be A+++ again! I am like u too, I am a planner, if possible, I'd plan the whole year's activities hahahah and I also feel restless if my plan for the day has been changed. I agree we need to learn to be more spontaneous. Kiwi G is always spontaneous, at first I didn't like it and could not take it but now biasa already lah, learned to relax a bit liao.

Gene Lim said...

G: hehehe yea lor...he didn't sleep till almost midnite lor..sigh what to do...
Thank you thank you for ur support...
I know what u meant by let it go..
i am trying to get used to it...but very hard eh ..hehehehe