Monday, December 11, 2006

Finally...half way over...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... i am free abit now i just handed in my exam for biology. Waiting for the result to come in next week, then i can start apply for my course!
I am on time...yay!! Actually all the five books of biology, i did pretty good eh... i am proud of myself...
first book i got 99%, second i got 93%, third book and fourth book i got 97% and fifth book i got 100%. Being sucked at science... (only managed to get C5 for my SPM general science in malaysia), these results are actually good for me! :)
I am waiting for the exam result only.. hopefully everything goes well and next week i can apply for the nursing course!
And if everything goes well... will be starting the nursing course in SEPT 07.
Things to do after i get the acceptance letter:

1)Need to go take up CPR lesson and get the certificate (one of the requirement for the course)

2)Learn Driving( yea..pai seh..already 28 liao..i still haven't get my license)

3)Apply for Canadian Citizenship

4)Get ready for going back to school :)

Hopefully, next year will be a totally diferent year for me. I know it will be hard for me as in balancing both studies and family. Just pray hard that God will guide me and give me the strength to do it!
2 years only.. i just need 2 years..then things will start getting better and better :)


mama bok said...

You see lah..Gene..!! my bloglines didn't update me again..!!!! Aiyah..!! cannot trust this blogline.. anymore..!!
Anyhow.. i really admire you .. and salute you leh.. !! you have everything all planned out.. on top of looking after Ryan.. and your household. You are a great person..mummy and wife..!! You GO GAL..!!!

Gene Lim said...

MB: Thanks dear :) what to do... got to difficult to be an immigrant here leh...u got to fight for ur own survival... ;)

G said...

well done gene! wah nx week is just few days away and u'll be applying for the nursing course liao, very quick. good good!

G said...

4got to add, u very pandai lah all above 90% .. A+++++ can study to be loctor already. eh u ready to buang negara already? after buang, u can withdraw all of ur EPF money loh heheh.

Gene Lim said...

G: thank you thank you..i know..can't believe it i did it.. :) i was soo much relief eh... doctor? eh..i dun think not that smart leh....

yea lor..what to king is no buang negara also cannot..furthermore..renewing the malaysian passport overhere is very tedious..somemroe i dun think i can get use the lifestyle in Penang sigh..might as well get the citizenship lor..
u leh?
me no EPF money one ar..coz didn't work salary work b4 overthere..kekekeke pai seh.. ;)