Friday, December 01, 2006

Lucky ....extremely lucky!

Who is lucky here? definitely not me la.... well, i am talking about kids today...especially kids over here...
As u all know..Xmas is approaching... so presents ,etc etc..
This evening, i thought i wanna take a break from all the studying and taking care of Ryan...
I told Kit that we will go to the mall for ..just window shopping..getting fresh air and look see around.
Every time we go to Walmart,we have to stop at the toyland section for our king here..
Nothing different this time, except that bit crowded with parents and kids at this section compared to before.
Parents got headache as in what to buy for their kids for xmas... i saw one calling home asking the wife which is the exact model that their son need... and there is this couple..with 2 of their daughters...going through aisle by aisle of the toy departments asking what their daughters want....
it seems that price is not an issue anymore here...walau eh... back in my time...i dun really recall that i ever had this kind of privilege.

Well, we are no different from those parents except..we still look at the price tag... we are looking for toys below 20 bucks for cheapo ler.. what to do.. Single income only nya...i am not working yet...and we are not printing money here.

Soooooo... kids nowadays are very lucky!


G said...

Aiya i tot u passed ur exam already - only a matter of time yeah :) I agree, these days kids are very lucky. U're doing the right thing in setting a budget for Ryan's toy, afterall, he is still young, no need expensive stuff hoh. I won't buy expensive toys for my queen too, I think the money could be better spent on something better, like books, hehe :) And oh, i understand it is a bit tough on a single income :( but that won't be long for u dear :)

geetha said...

I also won't buy expensive toys.. not worth it lah, unless they boys have grown up and they value the things we buy for them ;)

mama bok said...

I donch know why bloglines erased your homepage.. by itself..!! i was pretty mad.. because i kept thinking.. how come you got no updates.. and then when i went to look for your blog .. on bloglines.. it was gone..!! sorry about it..!! i haven't forgotten about you.. and ryan..! i'm happy that you are doing good.. :)
Will read and catch up tonite.. gotta run.. to in-laws now.. :) later..!

Gene Lim said...

G:hehehe i hope so ler..managed to hand in the exam today eh... Yea very lucky eh kids nowadays..hehehe.. :)

Geetha: totally agree with u :)

MB: No worries, I was busy past few weeks too, with rushing to finish the biology subject. I finally managed to hand in the exam today :) I am done now..just have to wait for the result and start applying for the course :)
Past few weeks i was just visiting blogs and read it through fast fast...didn't get to go comment..hehehe