Friday, July 22, 2005

This is what i cooked yesterday

Honey Lemon Lean Pork with Red Kidney Beans Posted by Picasa

Tadaaaaaaa... this is my invention. Nope i didn't get any recipes on the net coz Ryan was up as soon i finished blogging. So i didn't get any chance to surf the net for recipes.
I didn't not cook the prawn. I chose the lean pork instead.
At first i did not know what i was doing. I just took everything out from the fridge. Anything that i can find..heheheh
So i invented this dish. It was not too bad. Everyone loves it.
It has

Button Mushroom
Red Kidney beans
Lean Pork

Dark soya sauce
Vegetable stock

I do not know how exactly the amount that i put. Everything was just according to taste. hehehehe
Not bad after all huh.. so everyone is satisfied. Ryan has his potatoes and Kit has his soup and a little bit of chinese cooking.As for me, not soo much of spicy food ..but nevermind la.. at least i got my juice last nite..hehehehe ;)

Today i just simply fried rice. Easy and fast. Furthermore i have to work from 5 till 9.30 pm and Kit is going to his parents place anyway. So no point for me to cook fancy food. :)


Mrs B said...

Ingenious! I had a can of nice big & juicy kidney beans for a year and I didnt know what to do with it! Ended up cooked tongshui :P and fed some of the beans to baby. Hmmmm, maybe I will buy another can again. Hehe.

Gene Lim said...

Thanks Mrs B,
hehe u see kit loves to buy lotsa can food esp when it is on sale. We have stock up lotsa beans in the storage room. Coz i normally use it to cook Chili or stew or soup. Ryan loves it too. :)

thong sui too? coolies i never try that. maybe u can teach me.. :) hehehe

-ms jumbled mind- said...

send some to malaysia for me to taste! or send the recipe to letticia so I can force her to cook for me when I visit US again LOL

Mrs B said...

Its like red bean soup except this is kidney beans! I was at wits end on how to cook it with meat so it was the cop out way. Not cheap also, like RM6 for a can. Maybe next time I just buy the dried kidney beans, cheaper!

Gene Lim said...

ms jumbled mind: sure sure.. will do that. hehehehe

mrs b: ahh i see. wah so expensive one meh the kidney beans overthere? i didn't know that.