Sunday, July 17, 2005

Shopping day!

Yeah! I am very excited about today because is my off day. Don't have to worrie abt rushing the house chores and going to work.
We planned to bring Nellie , Doris & Alfie (Nellie's sis in law and bro) to Crystal Dynasty in downtown for dim sum. Supposed to meet them at Nellie's place around 11 am. Unfortunately, I got a called from Nellie around 8.45 am this morning saying that Alfie having problem to chew his food as in his mouth is sore. Poor man, so i told Nellie maybe next time, after he fully recover first if not he couldn't enjoy those food. They never have dim sum before.
Alfie and Doris, they are 2 beautiful people... as nice as Nellie! Doris just bought lotsa toys , chairs and table , tri-cycle and bicycle for Ryan. Yea she is soo nice and thoughtful! Bless her!

As the lunch has cancelled, we thought of going shopping! hehehehe.. long time we didn't shop. Furthermore, Zellers has good summer sale this weekend. All men and women's clothings are 50% off.
Kit bought 2 pair of pants and i got myslef 2 pairs of pants and a blouse as well :) hehehehe
I get to buy one extra pair because of my birthday is coming up..hehehehe
I got one pair of jean for 15 bucks, and dress pant for 15 bucks as well. Coolies!
and the blouse cost a little bit more, 20 bucks.
KIt got his pants for 15 bucks too. Cool DEAL!
Never felt this satisfied before. heheheheh
We had a great time shopping.

Ryan of coz had fun at the toy aisle. He behaved himself overthere. He didn't really touch a lot stuff.. and he only touch the one he wants. heheheh but too bad..the one he touch cost alot! Daddy couldn't afford.
Talking abt high and expensive taste here huh? ;)

It was pouring rain when we left Zellers. We have to go to Asian store for our grocery shopping. Got ourselves some chinese pastries (buns with filling inside) and got some chicken wings for this coming Saturday's BBQ.
Yea this time i am having my aunt from Toront coming over for bbq. :)

We had those buns for lunch and we had New York Style Pepperoni Pizza for dinner. hehehe no need to cook again. how lovely! :)
I got that pizza for free coz i got coupon from work. :)

Just another relax and wonderful Sunday for us. :)


letti said...

ahh...there is nothing quite like retail therapy...LOL

Gene Lim said...

letti: LOL hehehe..yup u r rite!
We just have to have it at least 2-3 times a month huh..heheheh as long we make sure that our greens keep coming in ...hehehehe ;)

-ms jumbled mind- said...

wow looks like you got a great shopping time too !!!! LOLOLOL wish all three of us could shop together!!!

Gene Lim said...

ms jumbled mind: yup! had a splendid time! who knows one day it will happen! :) hehehe