Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today's Lunch

My lunch Posted by Picasa

1 apple
1 tomato
2 stalks of celery
4 carrots

This is what i have for lunch today. So refreshing and filling eh. One big glass of juice to drink to cool me off from the heat and help my stomach stay filled.
Tasted good too.


Mrs B said... carbos or fillers... I would go hungry in less than an hour. can tahan wan?

Gene Lim said...

Mrs B: yea, nor carbos or anything will make us hungry very fast. That juice can tahan me for an hour or 2 then after that i have to snack on other thing. :(

Sigh.. what to do..i have to diet i still having problems to keep off those baby fat i had on me. Worst part is i am growing even more instead of losing it eh. Too bad Ryan doesn't know how to lache on my breast if i could have loose weight faster by breastfeeding. I only breast fed him for a week.

Any tips ar? hehehehe need to loose those baby fat esp my tummy there :(

Mrs B said...

Hi Gene, I havent really dieted but there are days that I go shopping during lunch (office is at KLCC!!) and I tapau light meals - no rice more burgers and hot dogs and I lost weight - think its also the flu- s I've been having.
But I know a friend who went on a religous fast with her cell group, skipped lunch for a mth and she lost weight and looked great after that. It was for spiritual reasons, so losing weight was a nice blessing for her. SHe was saying that those in her group who fasted dinner had an ever bigger effect. :)

Gene Lim said...

Good for u Mrs B or rather not coz of the flu. Well, do take care.
Yea, rice has a big impact on the weight thing.

Coolies eh. Maybe i will try fasting..hehehehe besides that, good for my spiritual life too and at the same time i can loose some weight :)

Skipping dinner is not a good idea hhuh..coz it will make u even more hungry the next day...fasting during dinner and the whole nite. i dun think i can do that..
hehehe maybe lunch boleh tahan sikit la..hehehe