Monday, July 11, 2005

Patch up!

This is the follow up situation when Kit got back and found out that i was mad and blasting the computer room..hehehehe

Oh well, he was trying to explain but i was too upset to listen to him. I didn't really talk to him. I was too upset to even use my brain to argue with him.
I know he is torn in between 2 but heyyy, he is a grown up man and he has a brain to set his priority.
He can tell them that i have already cooked and will go back and eat. ...buttttttt... he didn't. and the worst part is..this is not the first time his parents did this to me.
Everytime called the last minute and asked us to go there for dinner. Never care abt ppl's feelings and respect ppl's privacy, freedom and plans.
THey always never have the decency to call ahead and tell u what they want. And what makes me even more upset is, Kit never have the guts to say no and always "fly" over there when his parents call.

ANyway, i didn't talked to him till Sunday morning. He woke up and try to patch things up. But i didn't bother him and let him handle Ryan all morning.
He didn't even say sorry or anything. THat even makes me more frustrated coz that means i dun have the right to get angry and my anger towards him is totally wrong.

He came to me and explain the whole thing to things happen yadaaaa yadaaaaa yadaaa..
i couldn't be bothered what the actual story is anymoreee.
That time Ryan felt soo bored and he wanted to go out soo much. Sooo, we stroll Ryan to Gage was sunny and hot day. I was walking in front and he was strolling Ryan at the back. We didn't utter a word during the walk to the park.
I put Ryan on the swing and let him enjoy his swing for awhile. Kit was sitting down on the ground day dreaming away.

Lately, we just grew further away from each other...we really need a big break.. u baby, enjoy ourselves, go dating n such.
We didn't do things together for such a long time already ever since Ryan is born.
U see, i do not wish to let my MIL to baby sit RYan for me and go out with Kit. I just couldn't do it. I dunno why ..i dun feel comfy and i dun feel alright at all.
All these while i am just holding my guard proctecting Ryan and myself from MIL and without realizing that i am ruining my relationship with Kit.
Hmmmmm i just dunno how to let go and go on with a normal life....

As we were walking back home from the park... I started to talk to kit as in what happen to us. WHat he wants from me... u know i am trying to help the relationship and mend things back.
He told me he needed break.. a big time break.
I knew what he wants when he mention break. (Ryan always stick to his daddy when daddy is that makes kit very tired)
I know he wanted me to let his mom to baby sit Ryan and we go out on a date or do things together without any interruption from RYan.

So i was soo reluctantly said..okiee..since i am off today, why not bring Ryan to ur mom's place and we go for a movie later.
Deep inside my heart i was ssoo hardhearted to do that...but i got no choice.
Kit really needs a break from everything he is doing rite now.
Me too i guess..

SO guess what, we went to watch Mr. and Mrs Smith at 3.10 pm. It was good movie.
We drop Ryan at MIL's place around 2pm and off we go.
THe movie ended aroundd 5.30 pm and Kit drove us back home first. He suggested that we should have some time to ourselves alone at home b4 picking up Ryan. heheheh notty him
we had bubble bath together and some intimate time together ...hehehe ;)

I was like happy and relief that we had time together. The best time ever since RYAN!
but at the same time..i was always worried abt RYan all the time.
Silly me huh!


Joez said...

Hiyo, u haa.... u worry too much, after all, yr MIL loves his grandson ma.
Am happy for U.

letti said...

*hugs* yes, time alone with the husband is really deserve it.

Belacan said...

happy that you both patched up. me mama's boy too, so i sort of can feel for you and kit. take care ;)

Gene Lim said...

Sis: what to just me.

Letti: thanks :) we had so much fun that day.

Belacan: THanks :) yea, i guess i will know when Ryan grows up and have his own wife...hehehehe ;) Pay back time huh..kekekke