Thursday, July 14, 2005

power juicer

We just got our Jack Lalane's Power Juicer which we ordered from TV on Saturday morning.
This juicer is superb cool coz it really gives lotsa juice and the pulp really dried out unlike from the normal juicer.

It cost Kit 252 bucks for that thing. Ya.. what to do, need to stay healthy nowadays, coz we really have serious problems with our health. We just got it yesterday. Darn postman delivered it early in the morning yesterday abt 7.30 pm. I was nicely snoozing away when i heard the door bell rang. It was the side door bell (we have 2 doors-the main door and the side door, and our mail box is at the side door, and we have 2 types of door bell-side door bell ring once *dong* and main door bell ring twice *ding dong*) i was still half way asleep and half awake. Then the door bell rang again, i looked at the clock, mannnn is just 7.30 am.. i was thinking who the heck is it.
I was still reluctant to get up and get the door...i thought maybe somebody is trying to play the door bell or something.
The next thing i heard a real hard knocking on my side door. Ohh oo..i thought who is it... so i got up and try to get change coz i was on my spaggethi strap tank top (hot leh), dun want ppl see me on that with my messy hair..
the moment i finished changing, went to open the door, i guess the person left. Nobody was there, i opened my mailbox therei s this card from post office saying that i have a parcel.
Then i was big relief.. it was just the postman...maan they are early!

So i was going to look for the location for us to go pick up the parcel. It says there the parcel was left at our back porch.
Wahhhhhhh... like that also can ar..mannnn what if we are not at home huh i went to our back porch.. saw this huge box ..n i tried to carried inside.. MAnnnnnnnnnn it was soo heavy!
it weighs 6.5kg..
Lucky i managed to carried it in.
I knew it was the juicer.. :)

I didn't try the juicer till Kit got back. We had carrot and celery juice. Yummie!
TOnite we try different juice.
We can juice abt anything.. the schute is big enough for us to put the whole apple inside without cutting them into pieces first.
Ain't that cool?!
Felt like trying tomatoes, carrot, celery and brocoli.
hehehe..yea they came with 2 recipe book.. all sorts of juice u can make.

Oh yea..boost it up baby!


Joez said...

Hey, try making Coffee Bean's "Sunrise". Gavin tried liao...very good.

For small serving :
U put in 2 oranges (peel off skin and remove seeds), add ice (about 1 normal tray ...around 12 cubes, 2 - 3 table spoonful of Milk powder, add some sugar and water.

He said Honey dew one taste nicer wor.

Gene Lim said...

okie will try that, thanks :)

-ms jumbled mind- said...

is it as good as it says on the TV?

Mrs B said...

we had been thinking of getting it for sometime. cost about RM675 here. is it worth it?

Gene Lim said...

Mrs B : Wow, soo expensive huh if converted to Ringgit Malaysia.
Well, umm so far we are satisfied with it. I like the part where the schute is big where we dun have to cut the apple into smaller pieces. all we have to do is just dump the whole apple inside. And the second part is.. the pulp really stay dry. U get almost all the juice from the fruit or vege.
The juicer came with free chopper and 2 juice recipe books, and also recipe on how to re-use the pulp for muffin and cake :)
this is awesome..i like carrot muffin! hehehe

And the motor is life guaranteed.

Do they include everything like the one i have, for the price of RM 675?

Mrs B said...

Probably not, we havent checked out at the shop yet - still broke, so have to wait a while, hehe. It was over RM900 early last year and when it drop down a bit more this year, he got more interested. Yes, B also liked the big chute and there's no other brand like that. I think we are definitely getting it, in the meantime, can only drool over your pics!

Gene Lim said...

Mrs B: hehehe.. yea the chute part is awesome. Well, Kit said RM 675 still cheaper compare to we paid in CND 252. Hopefully, the price will drop again.
DO tell me when u guys getting it..then we can share some recipe ;)

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