Thursday, July 21, 2005

What to cook?

This is the question i asked myself everyday. I got problems cooking dinner everyday. First of all, I have 3 different taste buds here in the house. First, Kit has those china man taste bud..where he wants soups, vege, etc those chinese cooking. Second of all, my dear son Ryan, has western taste bud.. he wants potatos, bread, cheese, pasta etc .. and lastly myself, i want spicy food! hehehe

ai yo, headache, kepal pusing eh.. dunno what to cook. I struggle everyday cracking my head what to cook for dinner.
Today i took out prawns and some lean pork from the freezer. I still haven't decide how to cook it. But i already boiling the chinese yok choi tong (chinese tonic soup?) i also dunno what it suppose to call in english.
Ryan is good and bad in away.. he is bad because he doesn;t like rice at all. He prefer pasta or noodles. BUt he is good because he eats his vege.. :) any kind of vege u give him..he will eat it too. esp he loves those green leafy vege :)
So i have to make some potatoes to subsititute the rice for his carbo.

Kit never complains abt the food i cook, He just eat it eventhought it doesn;t taste good. All he will do is he just keep quiet..hehehehe if it is good..he will compliment me. Ahh isn't it nice huh?
BUt sometimes i felt guilty too..coz he work hard too..i just wanan do my part as a wife to cook him some good food that he is looking forward everyday when he comes home from work.
Of coz, i cannot cook fancy food on the days i got to work.
So, that is why i am struggling on the days that i am off from work.

Not to mention that i have already struggling what to cook for Ryan during lunch. hehhehe
n myself, i am in the process of dieting too.. try not to eat oily food and eat more vege and fruits.
That is why we bought the juicer.

AI yai yai... i hope i can find some recipe on the net after this..heheheh..

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