Monday, July 25, 2005

Kit is on 1 week vacation.

Wohoo! Kit is off this whole week. Saturday, i took off as well because my aunt from Toronto came for bbq. Everything went well and they love my bbq chicken wings and ribs :)
It was a full day for us but we really enjoyed ourselves very much.
Sunday we went to Scarborough (another city in Ontario), a china town, more of chinese population. We stock up our dvds (pirated ones of course..hehehe shhhhhhhhh...) we got 8 for 30 bucks. I chose some chinese movies and kit chose some english movies. It was a fun day too. After shopping around the chinese mall, we stop by at my aunt house in toronto. Her daughter bought an outfit for Ryan on Saturday but it was too small. So, she went to exchange it on Sunday and asked us to drop by after shopping at Pacific Mall.
We spent the whole afternoon and evening overthere. My aunt took us out for dinner, we had sushi. It was tasty! Yummie.. didn't have sushi for quite some time already! :)

Oh yeaaa, i got a Black and Decker oven toaster from Jaz and Aunt for my birthday! Yippie..very nice of them :)
They are the only family members i have overhere in Canada. They help us alot when we had hard times last time.
Bless them!

We didn't go out today coz Kit wanted to do some renovation work in our basement. So he spent the whole day working in the basement today. It was really hot today and i had slight headache and tummyache too (tummyache from "aunty visit")
We didn't really plan to go anywhere this week coz Kit has to finish the work in the basement before winter comes again..
So maybe tomorrow we will go shopping again..hehehe this time probably Mapleview mall or Ikea. Wanted to check out stuff in Ikea. :)
Ryan sure will be very happy tomorrow coz today he didn't get to go out at all. poor baby, he was so frustrated just now and showing tantrumms..
boyyyyyyy drives me nuts too. ;(
Luckily now he is asleep and i can enjoy my peace and freedom! ;)

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