Friday, September 28, 2007

Weird people

After i have attended college for the 3rd week I have came across with a lot of weird and strange attitude people.
Maybe it is because I have been cooped up in the house for years and I find it very difficult to handle people like this.

I am talking about the students in my program. One gal from X country came to Canada for a year and she is trying to learn English because English is a second language for her. She told me she signed up for this program because she wanted to learn English. I was shocked when I heard that because she can totally learn English from Communication classes or specific English classes. She is paying like almost $20k to learn English?
Wait till your hear this, the juicy part is she is not prepare to bath people or clean poop or pee or bath male patient because she does not know she has to do that!
HELOOOO! What is NURSING? DUH! I rest my case...

There is another one gal..typical westerner and Hamiltonian. Filthy rich gal who is brown nose and acted like she is superior.
She is wearing lots of jewelry and branded clothings and bags. One of our subject required us to buy a binder book for about $75 bucks.. but we students have the option to download from the website and photocopy for all students for a cheaper price.
Our dear gal, laughed at us students who are photocopying those binder because she said the bought one looks much better and prettier!
She made a comment on my used books.. she asked me whether the book i was reading a used one after she saw me holding it. I said yes..and she told me this :
I am not bothered to buy used books even though i have friends who can sell it to me.
Used one are just no good for me!

??!!!&&& walau eh...if u r RICH..of coz u can...Nia leh...don't have to show off!
NARROW minded!

She thought we immigrant useless ar? KNN!


Mama BoK said...

Hey.. Gene,
Some ppl really beh tahan them..! i come across some ppl like that too.. *sigh*..! nevermind lah.. let them dig their own grave..1

Joez said...

what a show off ! Aiya...when results come out, see how well she can show... haha :P

meow meow / MeowX2 said...

hoi... hoi.... cannot 'meh chow wa'!!