Friday, September 28, 2007

Pics from Montana Cookhouse's Lunch

These pics taken like months ago when both Kit and I went for lunch together and I was having problem downloading the pics from my cell phone.
Thanks to Hol, my bil, now i can show u guys the pics and food.. :)
As i mentioned b4, I ordered the ribs and steak..and kit ordered salmon fish dish.
We took some of the indoor environment..coz it was cozy and well as very cowboy feeling!


Mama BoK said...

Ahh.. Kit looks so happy..! sorry i couldn't help with the downloading of the pictures on your cell. I asked PB .. and he said.. you needed a USB cable.. but you still need the program.. but gotta pay for it. So i didn't mention it to you .. because i was hoping .. he would find a free way for you to download the pics for free. Glad your BIL was able to help..! hurrays for BILS..!

Joez said...

It's nice to go out dating once a while. Happy for both of u.