Friday, September 07, 2007

Super week!

What a week i had i tell ya! We had a long weekend last week, Labour Day on Monday and we had SIL and BIL over for BBQ on Saturday.
The BBQ was splendid, this time i did not use my dad's recipe for chicken wings because Kit said he wanted to try different recipe.
We marinated the chicken wings with Diana's Honey Garlic sauce, the ribs with President Choice's Texas Barbecue sauce, and the pork chop, we used Diana's Steak spice and while grilling it we spread some President's Choice Cajun spice on it.
All tasted great! MIL made some spring rolls but she put too much it was kinda not very good. I still prefer spring rolls with lots of vegies!

Sunday we went over to SIL's place in Mississauga and PIL did not follow this time because they had plans with their friends in Hamilton for buffet. Omigosh..i had a wonderful time there. NO tension in the air! ehehehhe... We went there because we wanted to buy a wireless router from BestBuy...they were on sale for $49.99.
We had dinner there and we talked so freely without having the fear that PIL not like it and stuff like that!

Came monday, we visited Lilian (my exboss) who she had a minor stroke a month ago. She is recovering very fast and she already went back to work this week part time.
I am glad that we went to see her because.. it has been a while the last time we met.
She was the one who invited me for Rod Stewart's concert few months ago.
We all slept very early on monday nite ..i think it was around 9 pm...hehehe yea because Kit has to send Ryan to day care around 7 am the next day.
I did not sleep well that night ..dunno why ..maybe got excited going to college..hahaha..i managed to get 2 hours sleep only...woke up around 5.45 am Tuesday morning.

Long story short.... Ryan doing alrite with the waking up early morning..Thank God and I was very impressed and proud of him because he did not fuss at all.
I did not have any problem waking him up early.
Kit has start 1/2 hour later due to sending Ryan to Day care.

As for me, boyyyyyyyyyyy! My orientation is not totally fun at all. Basically it was way too much information they blaaaaaa it at us.
My college, Mohawk college is the biggest college in Ontario..that has 4 campuses.
My course located in McMaster University campus called Institute Applied Health Sciences. The whole campus was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee and i really mean HUGE!
Day 1 i was lost and i was walking for about 20 minutes to find the right building.
MAC students was having tons of fun for their orientation week.. but as for us Mohawk students..we had NONE!
We we locked inside one classroom after another for hours.. loaded with information..
such as book list, who to go to for help, how to use their library, how to use the learning resource room (all the mannequins for practices purposes) etc etc.

Guess how many books we have to use for one subject? we have about 5 -8 books for one nursing subject!
Geeze, where is the money come from man?!
I am still overwhelmed with the whole thing... Today I am off because we have to study for next tuesday test!
Can u believe it? We already have a test what class starts!

Worst part is...I had to do math! which i really suck at it...
Kit has to do some tuition with me...if not i will be totally doomed!

So, this coming weekend, it will be all studying only! So much for a weekend huh?

I really dunno how i can divide my time for family, studies..and later working! GOD HELP ME

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Mama BoK said...

Wow..!! you sure had a busy week..Gene..! but things will get better..! you hang in there..!