Sunday, September 09, 2007

Is not going to be easy...

Life is not going to be easy for me this coming 2 years because i have to juggle between school and family.
I have classes from Monday till Friday and of course I will be loaded with assignments, tests, and exams.
On the other hand, I have to make sure I spend enough time with Ryan and Kit as well as making sure the house chores are done and cooking hearty meals for them.

How am I going to do that? Honestly, I don't know how...and I have not experience the real situation yet because my class only starts this week.
All of my classes mostly ends around 3.30 pm and I thought I want to get all my test and studying done before I pick Ryan up from Day Care ..say 4.30 pm?
I really feel bad as in letting Ryan stay at the centre for the whole day.. coz we send him there at about 7 am.
This is very tiring for him...
Not forgetting that i have to prepare dinner as well....How on earth that I am going to balance all these?

Anyone who is experiencing the same situation...say those working u gals do it daily?
I really dunno how...ohh more thing...we have to be in bed early every night...coz we have to get up around 6 worst...5 plus..coz i have to get everything ready..

Any tips or advise?


G @ said...

poor u gene. i must say i hv not known anyone having it as tough as u. i kno many married women who hv kids like ryan's age or even younger, who studied full time (without maids at home) but the only difference is that they didnt hv to cook or clean for other ppl at home, so it's easier. i wish u dont hv to cook, it's tiring and does take up time ... and cleaning some more. but gene maybe once u hv finished all ur exams (do they spread over the two year period?) the load will be slightly lighter? u can do it gene, it's tough and easy for me to say but i really can imagine how hard it is for anyone.

Mama BoK said...

My advice is to do what is necessary and important.. no need to kill yourself.. just to please others.. ! you've gotta take care of ryan first.. and then kit.. and then your home.
Set your priorities right.. and make sure Kit knows all about it..! good luck.. sister..!

Joez said...

cook on alternate days cannot meh? If yr MIL complains...ask her to cook herself la. U eat healthy salad, bread lo....hehehe :P