Friday, September 07, 2007

My bible

I have 3 bibles... yup... one will be my personal bible from my FATHER and the other two are my nursing bible for life!
Look how thick they are... one of them is dictionary.. and i am supposed to know them all by heart!

The picture shown with lots of books on my shoe rack... yup..these are the books that i need for semester 1. Now u know what i mean with lots of books huh?
I am lucky that i have Lily (Anita-ex colleague's sister) who just graduated last year from the same course.
I am paying half price compared to all my other student mates are paying...
Still i have to buy some manuals ...i have already spent like $ 160 bucks ... and i am not done yet..
U tell me how am i going to survive without working?


G @ said...

aiyoo i see ur books also i pengsan! gene i really admire u for goin thru all these for ryan's and Kit's sake. u're the best mom and wife anyone could hv! u can do it gene, u hv passed so many difficult hurdles already. very soon 2 years will pass and it'll be ur graduation day! no more books and exams! u'll look back and feel so great that u hv chosen this path.

Joez said...

ya ya ya...i salute ur spirit la. I would rather do beads than study, pai seh ! Keep it up sis ! Remember to take a break lo.