Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lotto 6/49- jackpot 14 million

Aisey man, I normally dun buy all these lottery stuff but i was soo tempted yesterday to buy one when i see lotto 6/49 jackpot was 14 million.

We are soo desparate to get more money to pay off the mortgage and i can go to school get better education in order to get a better job.
Sighhhhhh... I have sinned against my heavanly Father. :(
I bought it yesterday and i even got excited to check the result at 11 pm yesterday.
My heart was raising fast and hoping to win at least 100 thousands.

Buttttt too badddddd... i didn't win. hehehehe... I know there is no short cut in life!
I have learned my lesson i guess.
Sighhhhh... just waiting for good opportunity for Kit and myself to get a better job.

Oh well, i am very grateful that we have our own house, He provide us both a decent job to put food on the table.
I could never ask for more!
I am soo soorie Father. Please forgive me!

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