Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We got our mattresses

Yes!! Last sunday, we went for matresses shopping. Ryan needs a new bed coz he has grown soo much and besides that he doesn't like the baby mattres..is kinda too hard for him to sleep on.
We also need one good one too!
We went to this store at Upper James (Hamilton Mountain area) recommended by Kit's colleague.
We got pretty good deal there. Our queen size mattress cost $880 (two split box spring with pillow top on top of the mattress included) and Ryan's single matress with box spring cost $200 bucks and plus $30 delivery charge as well. SO all together we pay $1110. Sigh, there goes another big expense, but is well invested though! Because the mattress that we are sleeping on rite now always gives me back pain. :(
Ryan needs to learn how to sleep alone by himself so that we can get good nite sleep every nite eh!

Sunday was another full day for us! We went grocerry shopping early in the morning (went 3 places). After that, we went back home drop all the things and headed to the furniture store.
After we paid downpayment of $500 bucks..we went to Wallmart and shop around and had lunch there too.
Then we headed to St Joseph to visit Nellie. She looked soo much better now. I am soo very glad that she is doing soo well. We spend 2 hours there accompany her and talked to her.
We got back around 4 plus and headed to my in-law's place to clean up and collect their mails.
It was a short visit there only and we reached home for good around 6plus.
We met our neighbour Mara & Ian outside their backyard deck. THey were having bbq and they invited us over. So we did not want to reject them coz they have invited us several times already..and everytime we say no...sooo this time we have to say yes.
It was good...we had ribs, Kit had T-bone steak..Ian is soo good at BBQ .. he can bbq several different things at the same time..without burning them and they all tasted good with the rite texture !!
We enjoyed it soo much! Ryan was having fun too..playing with their 3 dogs!!
He had a full day and nite too!
hehehe we came back around 9 plus pm..woahhhh i was soo beat that nite eh.. coz that day my "auntie visit" too eh :(
but overall, it was fun!! :)

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letti said...

there's nothing quite like having a good mattress and a good night's sleep!