Friday, September 09, 2005

Gun Shot in my area

This early morning around 2 plus in, i was having problem to sleep. My back was so itchy because the air is soo dry and i forgot to put lotion. (one of the problem staying in overseas)
So, i was scratching here and there till Kit woke up and asked me am i okie..hehehe pai seh...woke up hubby pulak...
then i said okie la..but my back soo itchy and i was having problem scratching it..cannot reach ler.
SO he said..turn over i scratch for u i turned lor..the he scratch scratch ...wahhhh...soo nice..much better...then suddenly no hand movements and i hear engine started snoring liao..alamak... he scratched till he dozed off again i woke up and go to wash room to put some lotion .
that time the clock showed 2.50 am. After putting the lotion.. i went back to sleep..after few mins i heaard 2 gun shots!!
I thought i was dreaming but at one point i thought again..cannot be because i wasn't sleeping that time..i was just lying down only.
THen i looked at the cloock it was 3 am and after like 10 to 15 mins i heard police sirens and ambulance sirens too.
Ohh oooooo... there were really gun shots eh..but i had no idea where was it.
I didn't not wake Kit up..coz he was really tired and furthermore he has to get up around 5 i better let him sleep.
I went back to sleep and remind myself to watch news in the morning..
Around 4 am i heard very loud fire engine very near nearby? i got up again n looked outside the window...
i didn't see any firetrucks ..but i could smell very strong smoke and i even see it too..
Kit was woke up by the sirens too...sooo...i was like busy checking the front and back windows to find out where was the fire came from.
Nope..i couldn't see it..only can smell it.

I just told kit that just now i heard 2 gun shots and he was like are u sure? I didn't hear it eh..then i said..of coz u didn't hear it la..u went to dreamland liao whatttttt...heehehe
that time it was 4.30 am liao..
kit said..okie la..let me snoozz for another half an hour ..then i have to wake up liao...

oh boyy whole nite we didn't really sleep good eh..
And this morning when i watch news..yup there were 2 gun shots happenend nearby my area.
It happened 2 blocks from our house... (5 mins walk or less than that)
it was a white guy got shot on the head and he was lying on the parking lot.
Summer is always not safe for everyone overhere. Dunno why everyone tend to do crazy things in summer.
That guy still in critical condition. Believed that he had involved in a fight. :(
Hope he gets better and survive!

And the was 5 blocks from our place. The whole house was burned down. nothing left. :(
Lucky thing nobody at home.

What a niteeeeeee !


barramundi said...

U should buy an Ak47 and keep it to spray thiefs when needed.

Gene Lim said...

Barramundi: aiks! mana pigi cari AK47 pulak...

barramundi said...