Friday, September 02, 2005

Nice friday morning

This morning i strolled Ryan to see Nellie and i found out that she was admitted to St.joes.
I have already took the information and we will visit her this weekend. TOday's weather is good. Is very breezy and cooling. The sun is shinning but we didn't feel any heat at all.

I strolled Ryan to Gage park from Nellie's place. It was 15 mins walk from her house and 10 mins walk from ours.
Ryan seems happy when he sees the swing. When we reach the swing, Ryan was giggling laugh and pointed at the swing.
He was soo excited and couldn't wait to get into the swing. He was having fun and great time swinging.
I felt much better after breathing the fresh air. :)

Felt a little bit different today, kinda a little peaceful compared to other days. Maybe because i knew tonite i only work 3 and 1/2 hours shifts. Yesterday was 4 hours and the calls keep coming in non-stop.
The worst part was i talked non-stop till my throat got itchy and kept coughing. :(
Lucky the phone calls i got yesterday were all decent customers.
Thank GOD for that.
He really watch over me. Sometimes when i got nasty customers, while we were talking halfway, the connection got disconnected itself..hehehehe...lucky me... i do not have to handle them.
But sometimes i have to..but He provide me the wisdom and courage to face them.

This coming weekend is a long weekend for us. Monday is a holiday for us. (Labourday)
Kit gets excited and already planned what to do on that day. :)


letti said...

have a great long relaxing weekend!

Gene Lim said...

THanks Letti. U too have a great weekend :)