Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Summer is ending...

Here comes Autumn or Fall we call it. Summer is ending this coming 22nd Sept. We can feel the chilly cool weather these days especially during the morning and late evening. We have to get ready for the cold brutal winter where we have to shovel and shovel everyday.
We also need to rack all the dried dead leaves when autumn comes and start pruning all the perenial flowers and for those who wish to plant spring flowers, they can start now.
That's the beauty or not of staying in 4 seasons country.

During summer time, we have to do the lawn and cut the grass, autumn we have to rack the leaves and winter time, we have to shovel the snow. Hhahha..there is always something to do overhere.
Today i have started to prune my roses and cut it short so that it can grow back next year.
Didn't do much coz nothing can be done if Ryan is around. I have to watch him so that he didn't eat the soil or run out the walk way.. sighhhhh..
wish i have a gate to block the driveway!

I am not really looking forwad to winter except for Christmas! It is soo cold and it gets dark so fast during the day. Can u imagine around 4.30 pm the sky is almost as dark as normal 10 pm during the summer. It just makes u think that the day had already ended and have to look forward for tomorrow.
The only good abt winter time is less crime. All ppl will hide somewhere and u wont see a single soul on the road during nite time coz it is soo cold! hehehehehe

Hope we get a good winter this year!

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