Monday, September 05, 2005

Got my own "toy"

Perfect timing for me to blog this... i am enjoying my hot green tea and listening to Alicia Keys album.
Today we had a full fun and great day. We started the day by going to Confederation Park for a long walk. The weather was perfect this morning...infact the whole day!
Nice breeze and cool air. After the walk, we went to Easgate Mall in Stoney Creek to shop for my "toy". Yup, i want to buy an electronic stepper for myself. Thought this could help me loose some weight during the winter. :)
BOught it for $79.99 plus taxes. It was okie, wasn't a bargain price ..just a regular price. After i got my stepper, we went to get some flowers for Nellie. The visiting hours were 2-8pm. So we reached there almost 2 pm .

Nellie looked soo much better compared to last Sunday. She started to eat a little bit and we can see some colour in her face.
Last sunday she looked so pale and tired!
We are so glad that she is much better. She is staying at the Acute Mental Health Department. People admitted there are experiencing major depression problems.
Nellie told me most of the patients there were young adults..some are 16 years old only..
Wonder what kind of depression they are facing huh...hmmm

ANyway, we stayed there till almost 4 pm. We reached home around 5 plus. It was a full day for us. Ryan was soo tired.
Rite now , my boys are snoozing away in wonderland....dreaming away in dreamland..hehehe

I just wanna have some quite time for myself and relax a little bit.
I am kinda miss my quite time. :)
What a Sunday for me! I really enjoyed my day today! I dun have to work and i get to spend time with my two men..hehehe
WHat a blessing!

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