Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ryan still not talking...

Ryans is turning 20 months this 25th September and he still not talking yet. I mean he still baby talks.
He understands what we tell him and he replied us with his own language..ehhehe..sometimes we have to guess what is he trying to tell us.

Words that Ryan used everyday are as follows:-

"tat-tat" : wanna pee or bo bo
"Mmmmm" : means the food is good
"Nen Nen": means he wants his milk

Words that he acted out instead of saying it are as follows:-

"wave bye bye" : whenever we say bye bye or whenever we check out from the cashier register in the mall or bank teller. He loves young blonde ladies and he makesure he steal their hearts aways by waving goodbye to them.

"making whoof whoof sound" : whenver we told him to food is hot or the oven is hot, dun go near the oven.

"hit his bum bum" : whenver we say Ryan yai yai, ta ta see fatt (notty, hit ur bum bum ha)

"shaking his 2 wrist around: when we say the food no more, u finished ur food already.

"clap his both hands: when we praise him or thank him if he did something good i.e. after his finishes his bottle of milk, he will bring it to me for me to wash, pick up small pieces of garbage on the floor if he sees one and throw it in the garbage can. We normally say "pandai baby" or thank you baby... ;)

Ryan sometimes really surprise me with his little action like put back all his toys to the bin when he get it from.
He is not a bad boy... sometimes really melts my heart and sometimes drive me crazy too..hahahah
i guess it balance up huh ;)

Rite now i am still struggling to potty train him. Manage to show him the potty and let him sit on it..but he doesn't like it.
It will take times..


barramundi said...

hah, ryan is september guy also
welcome to the club

Gene Lim said...

Barra: hehe no ler..Ryan is a January guy..is just that rite now we are kinda celebrating every month for him. He is going to be 2 years old this coming January 25th 2006.
Happy Birthday to u!!

Joez said...

Ryan so pandai already.
Happy B'day Barramundi ;)

Gene Lim said...

sis: yea lor...but sometimes really drive me nutso!

letti said...

i have no personal experience, but i had a friend who talked to her daughter from a very young age without baby talk, and with proper english in proper grammar, and the girl's vocab is amazing, and she started talking early too...and using words that i was amazed that she would use at her age. I mean, imagine a 4 year old saying "we went to the park for some recreation!!!!!"

Gene Lim said...

Letti: Wow! Ur fren's daughter is really good!

humblewarrior said...

Just give him a little more time. Once he speaks, there will be times where you wish he shuts his mouth, jk. Happy belated b-day to RYAN!

Gene Lim said...

humblewarrior : thanks :) yea...that's the problem of we parents...we can't wait till our little ones to talk but till they talk..we can't wait for them to stop! haahhaha