Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yesterday's Dinner

That is what we had for yesterday's dinner. Is call Fajita Tortilla wrap. Pictures taken from before i started to cook and finished wrapping.
I used beef, mushroom,green and red pepper (forget to snap it) , and onion. The Fajita seasoning can be bought at grocery store.
I like this wrap thing..tasted good! When i was in the process of uploading these pictures, Ryan saw it and he say "mmmmmmmmmmmm" ( his version of yummie) heehehe.

Oh yea forgot to mention, my home grown beef steak tomatoes!! heheheh RYan loves it very much!
and for the wrapping process, u need some shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce and onions.
Walla! Ready to eat!


Belacan said...

drooolllzzz.... hungry liao!

Gene Lim said...

hehehe..*wiping ur saliva* heheheh ;)

barramundi said...

yucks!hate wraps

Gene Lim said...

Barramundi: u hate wraps?? why? it taste soo good yummie!!