Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wife no. 2

Wife no. 2 left Kit! Yup, i am talking about his Ford Contour 1998..heheheh.. yea lor..
that car gave us a lot of problem and Kit has been very stressful driving it. Kit has to drive long distance to work it is not safe at all.
We decided to change car. In fact, tomorrow Kit and FIL are going to test drive 2 Toyota Camry 2002.
I won't be going coz I have to stay home and study for my exams. Will be having one on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
On top of that i have 3 assignments dues on the same day too..

Really chialat man i tell ya... didn't get to do a lot of stuff today..mainly get the house chores done. Kit helped me half and I did half. I managed to get my scrubs or uniform for clinical placement, which is going to be in 2 weeks time!!!
Argggh..meaning i will be having my practical test soon...very SOON!!!

May the force be with me!


mama bok said...

Good luck.. and may the force be with you .. muahahhaha!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thanks dear :) hehehehe i really need it badly! hhahahahha