Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a day

Ryan developed a fever this morning and I gave him Tylenol around 6 am. I did not feel good at all when i have to leave for school. Something was telling me that bad thing is going to happen.

I was right. Around 8.30 am..FIL called me on the cell telling me Ryan had seizure. I was panic and quickly packed my stuff and left the class and call 911.
It was tough when u don't drive. To worsen the situation, PIL don't speak or understand english.
Ambulance arrived home and I was communicating with the paramedic through my cellphone.
I was standing outside my college with my umbrella on..coz it was raining cats and dogs.
Half way through..my cell phone ran out of air time...(i was using pay as u go)... lucky thing..my college is next to Mcmaster Hospital.. so ran over there... and i knew they are going to send Ryan there.
Waited for them at the emergency entrance.
I was panic, worried sick, soaking wet, and scared!

Thank God Ryan is okay now..just another episode of febrile seizure ...
I have to miss my test today..but THank God, my lecturer allow me to write it tomorrow.

Honestly, this morning was the worst day for me!
Ryan is sleeping now...and i have to think of my assignments and tests!
Sighhhhhhh..really sucks to be a parent eh..is no fun at all....especially when your kids are sick!

I rather choose being sick myself than Ryan getting sick!


mama bok said...

Oh my..!! poor Ryan.. and poor you..!! i wished i was nearer to help .. Gene.. :(
At times like that.. it's very tough.. ! hang in there g/f..! we will be praying for all of you .. :)
you take good care ya.. *hugggs*..!

Gene Lim said...

Hey mamabok, thanks for your prayers.
Ryan still not doing so well..the fever came back this afternoon.. and i said too soon.. now i am down with a cold!