Friday, October 26, 2007

Ryan getting better

After 3 days of fever and cold, Ryan is getting much better today. All of us were so stressful because of him getting sick.
I am grateful and thankful to MIL that she stay home to take care of Ryan for me so that i can attend my class and take my tests.

He is up running around like usual and singing all the time too. I am so glad to see that again.
As for me, I am still have a bad cough and i have lost my voice. I couldn't talk and felt so tired due to medication.
I hope i will be much better before i start my clinical days.


mama bok said...

Glad to hear that Ryan is well again.. :) you get well soon ya.. and take good care..!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

i am so sorry i havent came by to see how u're doin but u're always in my thoughts! poor u and ryan. pls get well soon, both of u. take care,dear!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

gene, i am sorry to read abt ryan's seizure and u had to all 911 and all the episodes that happened. u really had it tough!

Congrats on getting ur Canadian citizenships! May I kno if there is a difference being a Canadian PR and a Canadian citizen?

For me I find no diff where I am now so that is why I am keeping my Msian citizenship - hv access to both countries.

Joez said...

Sis, hang on there, u will be fine. Pls take good care. Sorry to hear abt Ryan and your health.
Congrats to u and Kit on yr Citizenship.

Me too pretty busy with Quarter end, dance competition and beadwork.
Take care and God Bless. Love u !!