Friday, October 26, 2007

not so ready...

I will be going to nursing home this coming Tuesday and I am very nervous. Whatever I have learned from past seven weeks i have to apply it on every Tuesday and Wednesday until Dec 15th 2007.
It is very scary because I have still a lot to learn!

Everything is going crazy lately with all assignments and test due on either same day or week.
Every one of us, students are very stressful and extremely frustrated. Too much work to do with too little time given.
The work is not tough but the load is heavy!

Sick also have to attend class and stay late at the library to study. I have 2 test coming up this coming Monday and 2 assignments due on next Friday. On top of that, I have to prepare myself for my practical work on Tuesday and Wednesday.
My schedule is lovely...

I am tired but Thankful and Grateful i have the privilege to study and God is with me all the time to Bless me and provide me strength and comfort!
AMEN to that!


mama bok said...

It is normal to feel nervous.. but i'm very sure you will do well .. Gene.. ;) because you are genuinely a caring person.. so whatever shortcomings you might think you have.. will be made up for by your caring personality. I know it is very tough for you right now.. because you are sick.. therefore, you really have to take good care of yourself. That way you can do well at home. .and at school or at work. You have a good weekend.. and good luck with your attachments.. :)

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

all the best gene! i am so proud of u that u choose to see the positive side of everything instead of just the negative. u hv good attitude, that is what makes u a good person u are. u will reap the reward of ur hard work soon.