Sunday, October 07, 2007

Alone on Thanksgiving

I am spending alone on Thanksgiving weekend because everyone is over at Mississauga celebrating the holiday.
I opted to be at home because i have to study and work on my studies. Pretty much suck but i have no choice.
FIL didn't like it but I don't care coz I have my priority.

This is the first time i have the whole house to myself as in Kit and Ryan won't be back at nite.
Pretty scary and lonely but..i know i will get used to it.

Taking my break now..thought i can earn some money...kekekekek and visit some blogs.

Thanksgiving weekend suck so far coz it has been raining all day and nite. It has been cloudy and moody for me.
No motivation for me to do anything at all!


mama bok said...

Poor gal..!! nevermind..! you are right to put your priority right..! study... but also make yourself some treats.. and enjoy yourself.. with the free time you have.. ;) catch up on some sleep too.. :)

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

happy thanksgiving dear! so proud of u that u set ur priorities right :D Congrats on changing to Camry too - dont 4get to show us the new car! Toyota is a good car.

letti said...

aw.. i forgot thanksgiving in canada was in october... sorry you had to spend it alone.. Poor thing.. sayang sayang...