Friday, October 05, 2007


I am truly surprise with my exam and assignment results. I just did the first exam for Psychology on Monday and I got my result yesterday. I was very impressed with what i got .. 85%
I totally surprised..because i only get to study on last sunday afternoon. It was very tough for me when it comes to timing.

As for my assignments, i got 2 assignments full marks.. i never get full marks for my assignments b4 during my studies for my degree...

I seriously work my butt off for this course. Now, every morning i got up at 4 am to do some extra order to catch up.
I seriously have no life... except for studying and family time.

I thank HIM for courage, wisdom, strength and everything!
What a wonderful miracle! I knew i didn't do it all by by HIS grace i am here and still hanging tough!


mama bok said...

Good job.. Gene..! keep up the good work..!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

congrats Gene, I KNEW u could do it!! See lah, so clever get high and full marks some more, terror u!

U're very disciplined, getting up at 4am! U deserve all the excellent results.

Gene it's okay, not much life now but later on u'll have even more life once the study is done and u work full time.

Again dont worry abt visiting or commenting on my blogs ok? I think myself also not much life yet, hehehe.

All the best!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thanks sister! :) Is HIS blessings!

Grace: Thank you galfriend ;) I have no choice.. is harder than i expected.. well, gotta finish what i have started :)
Thanks for your prayers and support!

mrs b said...

good for you, that's impressive results, since you've been out of school for so long. you keep going at it, girl!