Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lost touch....

I have not been cooking since last September coz MIL took over the cooking...and now I have to do the cooking again, I am totally LOST!
Everyday, i have headache thinking what to cook for lunch and dinner. Boy, is not easy for mothers or fathers..to cook daily.

Crack my head daily..i have to plan my menu for days ahead.. I think it will get worst when i start working..coz i have to cook lunch and dinner at the same time.

Today, I made ribs with bean sauce and ginger, vegetable soup, fried tofu and prawns.
Tomorrow, I am going to bake the whole chicken with BBq sauce, and some vege..will plan tomorrow..

U see, my family they bring home food for lunch.. so i have to cook lunch for Ryan be4 he goes to day care, then bigger portion of dinner for 4 1/2 people and 3 person's lunch tomorrow.
So, u see why i got headache everyday.
Mind you, my MIL is picky too... if u don't cook right, she will be very sarcastic towards the food..say too oily, too salty...too much gravy.

not only i got rusty with the cooking...i got rusty handling the knives ...i have been cutting my fingers lately...u should see i had plaster all my fingers.
i am clumsy...i must say!


mama bok said...

Wow..!! i wouldn't be cooking for so many ppl.. i donch think.. ! especially if so fussy..! if your MIL complains.. tell her.. to cook herself lah..!

mommibee said...

poor u gene.
u're very capable.
i've never baked a chicken my whole life!! shame on me!
Ur MIL really doesn't kno how to appreciate the great DIL she has.
One day she will, it may take many years down the road for her to realize but she will!
gene, u study, work, cook for so many people .... u know, u're really awesome!

Gene Lim said...

Hi Jan, i have no choice... if i said that... omigosh..there will be war! n guess what, did i mention ..i even have to cook vegan dishes when they are vegan only on 1st and 15th of the chinese calendar? YUP..i guess u r very lucky with your in-laws.. :)
God Bless them... :)

Hi Grace, ai yo...u r too kind with your words leh... u know what i did with the whole chicken..i cut them into 4 sections...kekekke..easier to manage...i did bake the whole chicken once..didn't taste that good..coz the sauce didn't get in much..;)
I am not that keng as u said la..i just have no choice... u know..when a person is force to do something and have no choice..u just have to do it...no matter what..
When i was in Penang, I never cook before..ever! and now.. i am like "chue fan por" hehehehe

mrs b said...

hehe, cfp indeed. shd just make salads no need to cook but then again, there's likely to be protests....

Gene Lim said...

Hi Mrs B,
Yea...what to do... i dun think my MIL will wanna eat salads.....u know..typical chinese...must have soup...vege and meat!...

mommibee said...

gene, my mil also like that, must have MEAT!