Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Is almost July now...and the weather is chilly..yesterday it was only 19 degrees..and today 17degrees ...what's up weather?

We planted tomatoes, long beans and some chili...i am worried about my veges with this cold weather.
I can't wait for my chilies ...yumieeeeee :)


mommibee said...

heheh at first i read ur title wrongly, thot it was Chilli.
ur weather temp is the same as our winter now, 17-19C day time - cold when there is no sun.

hope ur vegies will survive.
my chives didnt grow since autumn, i think too cold gua?

Gene Lim said...

Hi Mommibee,

No grow since autumn? Yea..maybe is cold..but did it grow during spring time?

mommibee said...

Gene, i only planted it in autumn - they sprouted but as soon as winter approached, they were like stunted, abt 5cm high nia. Now all like setengah mati hehehe. i'll try a new batch when spring arrives :)

mama bok said...

It's pretty warm now .. Gene.. :) how about you ..??

Joez said...

Wow, it's nice to grow own veggies...esp. now that Globally we're short of food :P
Good luck with the greens :)