Tuesday, June 17, 2008

still waiting...

I am still waiting to start my job. I went for my paid Orientation last Thursday... and got everything settled. They told me that they will call me today and give me the schedule..and i can start...but ...still no news.

I am nervous here..coz firs time working in community. I told them i can only work from 2 pm onwards tues-fri and weekends all day.
End of June is approaching...and i left about 2 more months to go. I have to go back to school in Sept.
I need to make more money. If school starts, I can only work weekends..maybe only Saturday...coz i know my school work load is crazy.
Rite now my body and brain really getting used to be lazy..hahhaa..getting up at 8.30 am everyday..man..this is luxury eh.
I used to get up at 6 am mon-wed..and 4am thu-fri..... geeze..i am really spoiled here.

Eager to work and at the same time...nervous. Once i am nervous..i feel like wanna go to washroom often...and really often! esp the number 2!
Don't know why..i had this when i was young....

I hope everything goes well... :)


mommibee said...

all the best, gene.
u're not the only nervous one, i get anxious too everytime i started a new job. it's only human, gene!
u'll do great after a day or two, i just know it!!!

Gene Lim said...

Hi Grace, Thanks...hehehhe i know.. thanks for the support ;)