Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Chinese

Last 2 weeks, I had BBQ and I had invited 2 of my classmates as well as my BIL. One of my classmate, G, she is single and one yr younger than my BIL. My intension was to let them get to know each other and hope something great can blossom from there.
Everything went well, and they are interested to proceed further. They have exchanged e-mails and i think hopefully they are going out for the first date this coming Saturday.

The issue here is my MIL not very happy about it. After that day, she did not speak to me for days...till now. She was upset because G is not Chinese. G is Spanish ..but she is very nice, gentle, kind hearted lady. That's why i want to introduce her to my BIL.

MIL's thinking is Chinese is better because can communicate better, and knows how to cook chinese food.
She once introduce my BIL a gal, daughter of her friends's friend...Chinese, but doesn't speak Chinese coz born in Canada and live Canadian lifestyle. so what's the difference?
BIL didn't like her... that was like last year.

And now.. I am trying to help my BIL...he is 28... just wanted him to mix around with more people..that's all.
I am not asking them to get married or something..if great things happened..they want to get married..that's their decision. Is my BIL life..and not hers!

Boyy, mil hated me even more on this eh...i guess i just shoot myself with a gun...hehehehe..
but i don't care..i am doing a great thing here...i didn't force my BIL..i am just letting them to know each other..that's all.

Wonder what she will do, when ...if BIL get married with G?
heeheeh i really don't know..will see how..


mommibee said...

gene playing cupid eh? hehehe notti u. i agree with u, some "C" born in western world is no different from any ang moh.

Gene Lim said...

Hi Grace, yea...i am just doing my thing....u know.. ;)
YUP, even me, i speak broken mandarin and cantonese... my FIL always laugh at me saying i'm "ciplak" chinese..u know...
well, i don't care..i am being myself and i am proud of myself :)

NomadicMom said...

Wah...very difficult hor? Living with MIL??? Invite friend over also can cause problems. Even if NOT to introduce your friend to BIL, if they like each other also you cannot stop what.