Saturday, November 03, 2007

Survive through

I made it through my first week of clinical. I was nervous and scared on the night before and was having trouble to sleep at all. The first day was great and it was not as bad as i expected.
We did a tour around the nursing home and did a scavenger hunt around the place as in where were all the patient's files and charts...and stuff about where are the dirty linen and clean linen go.. ;)
We basically running around the nursing home.
The second day was even better because we were buddied with staff and help the staff to do most of the work such as sponge bath, transferring, feeding, and cleaning.
The old folks were lovely and cute.

I was assign with my very own resident and I haven't meet her one to one yet. Will get to do that this coming Tuesday. I will be in charge in taking care of her for 7 weeks.

Our workload is heavy because not only we have to do the physical work, we have to do the theory work as well. We have to come out a Nursing care plan as how to improve our resident current condition.
Is very challenging but at the same time interesting.

I will be having second skill test, Vital signs this coming wednesday and Bio test on thursday.
Lotsa stuff going around and my cough is getting a little bit better.


mama bok said...

I'm cheering for you .. Gene..! keep up the good job..!

mommibee said...

i understand working at nursing homes are not easy, lifting and helping the elderly requires much strength. the person u're assigned to is very blessed to hv u look after her for 7 wks. all the best gene.