Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Extremely exhausted!

I am extremely tired this week due to lack of sleep for the past week. Past days i only had 4 hours sleep. Pretty bad because i need to get up early for my clinical. Today, my brain did not function very well. I got confused with the dates and days..and my resident who has some short term memory problem can remember today's day!
What a bummer!

Anyway, i survive through one of the test that i took on monday! PHEWWWWW... didn't do well though..managed to get B- ...
I am happy with it...coz i didn't get to study at all due to Ryan and Kit were sick during the weekends.

Just now Ryan had a slight fever...which freak me out! Gave him tylenol... and this means i won't get any sleep at all tonite. I have to monitor him closely due to his episodes of febrile seizure.
Welcome to motherhood!

I am thankful and grateful coz He is very kind generous to me... Without His blessings and love,
I don't think i can still hang in there..hehhehe.. Praise you LORD!


mama bok said...

Ahh..!!you poor gal..!! take care ya..!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

U're doing great Gene! If I were u, I masuk hospital already that's for sure!
Well done for getting a "B" especially when u are under such tremendous stress.
Hope Ryan gets well soon!
U and Ryan take good care!!
God Bless!