Saturday, November 24, 2007

5 years of anniversary

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. Omigosh, time really flew by eh...coz I don't really feel it was 5 years. Ryan is turning 4 in January. We didn't get to do anything due to the weather was super cold plus Ryan still have his fever.
Just another normal peaceful day for us. I didn't go for class on Thursday and Friday because I have to look after Ryan.
He is much better today..but I have tons of assignment to finish.

Just finished one and lots more to go.. :)
Thank God is that i have time to catch up a bit :)
Kit has been a Gem to me ever since i started school... he helped a lot with house chores and taking care of Ryan.

Today he cooked and wash all the dishes...and of coz bathed Ryan for me. I am thankful and grateful for that!
Very Blessed!


mamabok said...

Happy Anniversary Gene..!! Yes.. truly blessed that Kit is willing to be of so much help.. :)

mommibee said...

happy 5th anniversary gene!
Kit is really a good hubby, u both are made for each other!
hope ryan gets well soon.
Eh Gene, wah u and Kit didnt waste much time after marriage, one year later Ryan joined the family, hehehe!
That's a smart move, being young parents have so many advantages.