Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yup! Kit and I developed bronchitis ...thanks to me! I have been coughing for non-stop for almost a month already. Didn't get to see doc due to my lovely schedules...
anyway..Kit started to have fever, chronic cough on Thursday ..n today his fever didn't go away..that's what makes us go to walk in clinic today.

The whole situation is not really good! I just finished one test and one assignment on Friday and i have 2 tests on Monday which i am not prepare yet. On top of all that Kit is sick, Ryan is not feeling well too. usual..hanging there..even though i am sick..i have to act i am not..
This is no good at all.
Sometimes i wonder whether i should continue my program or not..hmmm.. i am not sure..
Coz this program work load is taking ppl's life away...
many students already quit due to cannot cope with the stress.

Me? I dunno... i wanted to go on..but seeing Ryan and my family down..i am not very happy with it.
I hate it when things like this happened...I wish..i am the only one who get sick..i will take all the sickness...n not Ryan or Kit.

Today i have to do everything, taking care of my 2 babies, the house chores plus worrying how am i going to study for my 2 tests on monday!
I know HE is with me all the way...if is not for HIM ..i don't think i can still stay strong...

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mama bok said...

Yer a tough cookie..! you can do it.. !! i'll be praying for speedy recovery for everyone at home. You take good care g/f..!