Thursday, November 24, 2005

minus 20 degrees

We are freezing cold rite here in Hamilton. TOday the tempreture drop to minus 8 but with the windchill feels like minus 20.

This morning when i got up i saw our neighbour's rooftop filled with white snow! yea..its been snowing since yesterday evening...we are supposed to get 5 to 10 cm of snow today but luckily we didn't get that many..heheh ;)
It is freezing and my hands really feels like the fridge coldness!
And the best part is... is still autumn/fall now..we haven't go to winter yet..hahha... the weather is getting crazy lately!

Too bad i didn't get to snap some pictures of the snow from the roof top..will get some tomorrow if i have chance :)

Feel like having a hot cup of tea or cocoa....that will warm me up! :)


geetha said...

I love snow u know..
the last time I was in Switzerland, I just droped myself on the snow.. it was cool.

But may be if i were to face it every winter, I might dread it, isn't it.. especially the layers of clothes.

I could't stand the temperature of -2 degrees, so I can imagine you.. hang in there, girl. Wanna stay warm, go hug ur hubby ;)

Gene Lim said...

hehe yea i know what u mean..when the first time i saw snow..i was like crazy gal running out to play with snow..but after a week..seeing the snow storm..when i have to shovel 20 cm of snow..eeeeewekk..i feel goosebumps to think of it..hehe ;)

I wish i can hug Kit..but Ryan is always in the way..he kinda knows that if Kit and I get together..he will not have our attention ..isn't he smart? hehehe

geetha said...

yeah, u will get kinda bored of it. Might even start hating it especially with all those clothes you have to wear, shovelling, etc.. But when the Christmas season is in, I am sure you will enjoy it..

Hahaha.. I can't too. Champion does not allow it. If Ben hugs me, he comes and pushes me. I can't even sit on Ben.. He will drag me off.

Children nowadays very clever.. we cannot under estimate them..
poor us, huh!