Wednesday, November 09, 2005

first day of snow of 2005 it comes.. the ole mr snowman coming out again doing what he has to do this year. Tomorrow we will have a little bit of wet snow plus rain! yaiks for those who has to drive tomorrow and not soo much yaiks for me! hahaha
All i have to do is stay home and keep myself warm! :)
But i still have to walk to work ;) hey no complains here.. i know i know... walking is still better than driving on the wet slipery road!

The time has come, where u can hear all the holiday season songs been played on the radio and malls. All the christmas decorations been put up for sale... i wonder whether i should buy one santa clause outfit for Kit? hmmm hmmm..coz he already has the big belly signature of santa clause...if he doesn't dress up like a will be a waste? hmmm hmmm..what do u think? hehehe
he sure will not dress up for me..unless i buy one for myself as Mrs Clause? ;)

ahem ahem..sorrie sorrie... accidentally drawn over to the XXX side..
oppsie hehee

oh well, nothing much to blog these day...except that i am kinda 'bitching' abt my work.
Other than that..everything is still the samee.
Ryan learn new words lately...he knows how to say "good nite, Okie, and oh wow
heheheh...more to come ....
i am still trying to potty train him....very hard to get him sit on the potty :(


geetha said...

i'm trying to potty train Champion too, but he cannot sit there for a long time.

He now tells us he wanna pee, and we will rush him to the bathroom. Sometimes we're in time, sometimes we're not :) The unlucky part is when he does it while we're undoing his nappy.... ;)

I think I may have to skip the potty training in the case of Champion.

Gene Lim said...

yea... it is so hard to train him...but we'll get there :)

letti said...

wahlau, snowing already!! it's still in the 80s here in texas. unbelieveable.